<VV> Rampsides

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 19 19:53:19 EDT 2014

And the real shame - there were only 851 '64s to start with.

Does anyone keep a registry on those?

Later, JR

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> Interesting discussions on RS's. I had a nice 64 when we decided to
> downsize. Sold it to a guy in the landscape business. That was 4 years ago
> and it is still sitting under a huge oak tree in his backyard,filled with
> leaves,windows getting milky,flat tires and rust consuming it. Gave up
> long ago to try and buy it,so chalk another one up as gone.
> Really frustrating trying to find one at least close. Also frustrating
> dealing with people who don't communicate,leave bogus phone
> numbers,move,don't answer emails and it goes on.
> I'll make one more try but not for a RS. How about a GB? Must be
> complete,preferably driveable and most of all not be Barrett-Jackson
> priced. Ed Dade City,Fl

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