<VV> No start help...

GoVairs at aol.com GoVairs at aol.com
Wed Oct 22 10:47:54 EDT 2014

One of our club members has a '64 that he can't get started. It has sat  
around his place for a few years but he always started it and let it run a 
bit.  This last time it has sat for about 2 years and it will not start. We 
have fuel  but no spark. He has replaced the cap, rotor, points and coil. The 
coil had  12 volts to the positive side. The negative wire has 12 volts at  
the points. I believe it is the coil. He tells me this morning that  this is 
third new coil he has swapped while testing. Is there any bench  test for 
coils? He mentioned he read somewhere that there should be .75 to .81  of 
resistance between the positive negative terminals and 10k to 11k between  
either the positive or negative terminal and the coil output post. I know -  
coils! Thanks for the 

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