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I am using each of these and both seem to work very well. Both are widely available online at discounts and some can be purchased at your FLAPS.

Eric in Indiana
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> Battery Tenders are great but are really just basic chargers with some float circuitry to keep them from overcharging.  Battery Minders are much better in that they will revive sulfated batteries.  If you keep your battery fully charged all the time with a good float charger like the Tender you would probably have results that are just as good.
> http://www.batteryminders.com/
> They have been around for years and I've had great luck with them.  I have one motorcycle that I used to have to replace the battery about every 18 months.  It was dead again (wouldn't charge) and I left a Batteryminder on it for a few weeks and it started right up.  Still using that battery and it's around 4 years old now.  I keep the Batteryminder on it all the time when I'm not riding it.  I bought 4 of them about 15 years ago and 3 are still working great.  I lost the fourth one somewhere.  I've bought a few more recently from eBay.  All my old ones are #12112 and I recently got a #12117.
> Joel McGregor
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> IMHO, the secret to getting long life from lead-acid batteries is keeping them on a sophisticated charger as often as possible.  I been using the Battery Tender Plus for many years.  It has 3 levels of charging.  The final level is 13.4 volts which keeps the battery at full potential without significantly decomposing the electrolyte.   Using this device I kept the original Delco battery that came with my 1995 Pontiac TransSport running for over 10 years and the replacement running for 8+ years when I finally traded in the car for a newer model Chevy Equinox.  This is the best type of charger to use especially on cars that are seldom driven.
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