<VV> Re/ Turbo hose clamps

Jim Simpson simpsonj at verizon.net
Sat Oct 25 22:12:03 EDT 2014

I've tried to get the clamps on the high point of the cross-over as well
the turbo outlet.  I suspect the issue is a combination problem; the OEM
clamps are not that well designed in that the clamping bolt tends to bend
the tabs, thus limiting the amount of pressure you can put on the hose.

The second problem is probably the hose itself.  The original material is a
hard rubber and as it ages, it gets harder yet.  I suspect that getting it
to conform and seal is a bit of an issue.

I'm looking at modern silicone hoses designed for turbo installations.
Couple them with some decent "T-bolt" clamps, or even better some of the
specialty clamps from Turbosmart, and I "should" be able to a decent seal.
Of course, I need to recheck the cross-over to head bolts & gaskets and the
bolts on the turbo compressor to be sure there are no leaks there either.

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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