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​Put it in gear with the brake on.

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> Smitty Says;  Seth’s post followed by Mike’s warning concerning pulling
> coil wires raised some interesting points.  If you have a runaway engine,
> what can you do to stop it without killing yourself.  I have had two
> runaway events.  One with a stock ignition engine and one with an extreme
> HEI ignition.  Stopping the stocker was simple.  Just jerk the coil wire
> out of the distributor.  Just a typical spark plug jolt to the hand and it
> was over.  The HEI was a different story.  When the wire came out of the
> distributor cap it slid through my hand leaving a row of RF burns and
> backing me 6 ft away from the car.  It would have been safer to have pulled
> the wire out of the coil, but as Seth said, that’s not a good idea either.
> The spark will carbon track the nose of the coil or can jump the windings
> of the coil and destroy it.
>         The question in my mind is, what could be constructed to make an
> emergency shutoff.  If opening the primary circuit can burn out the module
> and opening the secondary (High Voltage) can hurt you and the equipment as
> well,  is there a way to shut a runaway down quickly?
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