<VV> 13" tires

hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Tue Aug 4 17:55:31 EDT 2015

Bruce is correct of course.
I've given up playing the 13" game.  My Monza has 195 60 R 15's on 3rd Gen 
Camaro rims.  Proper Backspacing, wide variety of tires to pick from.
Of course if you're going for the Stock Look---play away.  When they were 
available I ran 195/70/13's on my cars---they looked good and I like the way 
the car handled with them.
They just don't make them anymore.


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None of the 13” tires on this page are anywhere near the original diameter.

You want either a 6.50-13 or a 185/80-13 if you want the original diameter.

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