<VV> How to "kill" the Ignition from the Engine Compartment

Dale Smiley dale_smiley at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 00:48:05 EDT 2015

 For a standard Points Ignition system you can add a switch to either GROUND the Coil Negative Terminal OR "break" the connection from the Ignition Switch to the Coil Positive Terminal!
Think about what turning the Key OFF does when using one of the "fancy" Ignition circuits - It cuts OFF the +12 Volt feed to the Coil/Pertronix/MSD/etc!! So putting in a Heavy Duty Switch (it doesn't have to be obvious) in series withthat same line will do the same thing!
Pulling multi-pin connectors or Plug Wires is just asking for trouble. The electronics in anything other than a Points System are made to be turned on and off by the Ignition Key. All the Key does is turn on and off the +12 Volts. The 'system' is still connected to GROUND and this saves its life 99.9% of the time.
Pulling a Plug Wire is asking for a shock and will set off sparks where you don't want them. If there is any excess gas around you are asking for a fire (Been there, Done that!!!!!).
If you add the Switch in the +12 Ignition Line it can only be ON allowing the Key circuit to work, or OFF killing the engine. Remember it needs to be IN SERIES with the +12 Volt lead from the Ignition Key Switch! This will let you 'kill' the engine if you need to but will not add anything that will let someone steal it!
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