<VV> OBT Custom's '62 project

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Aug 10 15:34:32 EDT 2015

It's a 62 2 door monza 900 with 110 and pg trans.

I'll be swapping in a pair of worked 140 heads with a chenwith
single carb
intake mated to a Holley 500cfm carb thats been tuned for corvair
motor by
Rick walker I think his name is supposed to be a big name in NASCAR
other racing circles, I hadn't heard of him but got the carb and intake
less than a used carb. I also hahe a Otto 10 custom ground camshaft I'll
putting in, as well as a set of 3.89 gears in the rear end, a remote
cooler up front, dual 3" exhaust, front disc conversion and 5
conversion in rear most likely will keep it drum in rear as I've
isn't much improvement over drums in rear. And will tuck 17" racing
all the way around.

The main parts I'm needing is the stuff fir
brakes , specifically a set of
fc rear drums , and maybe axles, a set of late
model front spindles and
back plates, or possibly a used front end.


first make sure you really have a 110 hp  164  ci  engine.... '62s  came with 145ci engines

Otto 10  is just barely better than stock.....  the 4 bbl  is good for racers.. not for cruisers....especially with a PG

  The large exhaust is of no benefit unless you rework the exhaust ports on the heads... called "Angle porting"  as the pushrod tubes are in theway of the stock routing...

The 3.89's will be great and there are 4.1l's also!!  I suggest a 30-40  Wet shot of Nitrous  on the stock engine.... for a cruiser that wants to impress with accel.

Rafee in eastern Okla. http://corvair1.com will have all the parts you need....   Discs are used up front for more predictable braking [  no jerking to one side or the other  occassionally.]

All the weight on a Vair in in the REAR.....  where you need better brakes..    17's and FC drums  with a correct wheel will fit fine..

Have fun and don't forget you local club members for parts / trade.... shipping costs kill!!  gg

And you can ATTACH  pictures to your postings here... just keep them under 500 kb......see below for my street beater cruiser / transportation Vair

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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