<VV> speedo and clutch questions

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Thu Aug 27 22:41:05 EDT 2015

Hi Randy,

> On Aug 27, 2015, at 6:45 PM, Randy Hook via VirtualVairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:
> The tire sizes are 180/70 13's on the rear and 180/80/13's on the front.  Now, the question is this:  would the difference in tire size be the reason for the inaccurate speedo readings, or should I look somewhere else?

Almost certainly.  BTW, pretty much all the tires I see have sizes ending in '5'.  I'm pretty sure you really mean 185/70-13 and 185/80-13.  The latter is fairly close in diameter to the stock 6.50-13.

>  Would changing the tires front to rear remedy the situation?

Yep.  Early speedo drive is off the transmission, so that should work.  I'd start by doing that and then re-check to see where it's at, there are a couple different speedo drive gears if you want to adjust it further.


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