<VV> Cleaning gas tank

Harry Yarnell (Verizon) harryyarnell at verizon.net
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The sock in the tank should catch everything except fine silt, and the sock is sorta self cleaning.
...not to say the tank shouldn't be cleaned...

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To all,
Forget trying to clean the tank in the car, I tried for 3 years. No matter what I tried, pressure wash, solvent, acids.  It just shows up in the filter with grans of black crap or rust particles that eventually stops up the filter and leaves you on the side of the road. There you are on the side of the road where you remove the filter blow the crap out of the filter and blow the hose back to the tank. Even tried a double filters. Just when I thought I had finally won, the carburetors started running lean on one side. Pulled Carbs, opened them up and in the bottom of the bowls there was almost an 1/8 inch of really fine rust.Pull the tank it is not that big of task.Scott FergusonPhantom RacersAustin Texas

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