<VV> Front end shimmy

BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Mon Aug 31 16:25:04 EDT 2015

Try swapping the back tires to the front. Not sure just what the cause is,  
but my experience says that it is still tires/wheels.
Are you sure that it is shimmy and not wheel tramp?
Bob Helt
In a message dated 8/31/2015 1:08:52 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

Shimmy  occurs between 35-45 MPH then disappears, just like wheels out of
balance.  Had them rebalanced, no difference.
Asked around at a local show, got  answers of bearings or ball joints. 
How do I know which it is?  

69 140/4sp  vert

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