<VV> VV RA and RB engine codes

Jim Simpson simpsonj at verizon.net
Mon Dec 7 20:04:07 EST 2015

I got curious because I have two bare blocks, an RL (turbo) and an RB block
along with a complete RF (110 manual) engine.  So I hauled out a copy of
the *Chevrolet Corvair Parts Catalog* to do a quick check to see what the
RB had original been.

If you look at the *Chevrolet Corvair Parts Catalog* it lists the RA and RB
engines as "Manual" with no further information.  The Special High
Performance (i.e. 140 engine) is listed as either an RM or RN (manual and
auto) in '65 and as an RM, RN, RZ, RQ, RY or RX for various combinations of
manual, auto, A/C and AIR for '66.

The *CORSA Tech Guide* does break out the RB as a "Corsa only" 140 w/manual
engine.  So I guess that Chevy got it wrong in their parts book.

That's what I get for consulting the "official" Chevy parts catalog rather
than the * CORSA Tech Guide*.  (Yes, I have both plus the *Corvair Decade*
and other references.  For some reason, I assumed they'd agree...)

I realize that the only difference in the bare blocks is the stamp itself;
the code just referred to the way the rest of the engine was built.

Glad we got that cleared up.

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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