<VV> Car stops running after 20 miles Refresher for many here.... READ AGAIN...

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Wed Dec 9 20:05:59 EST 2015


Smitty Says;   The club has worked on a members engine (64-110) a couple of times and had no luck so far.  Owner drives the car 20 miles or so on interstate 60-70 mph, and then dies when he gets on side roads.  All electrical checks have come up with nothing.  Carbs are excellent.  Coil has been changed and all other components are new or have been changed.  Gas cap is vented.  Fuel pressure is good and available at the carbs when checked  I know the obvious stopped up sock or fuel lines should be checked but it hasn’t been possible to do that yet.  Just asking in case somebody comes up with a solution we haven’t thought of yet.Owner is clueless when it comes to on the scene troubleshooting so we are stuck with troubleshooting long after the fact.        Part two;  car has absolutely crappy brakes.  I mean plumb dangerous to take out on the street.  I believe you could open the door and drag your foot and stop sooner.  The brake system is in excellent condition.  New shoes, hoses, cylinders and turned drums with shoes arced to them.  Drums have been removed and verified that both pistons are stroking at each wheel.  The only anomaly is that it has a new Clarks double master cylinder installed.  Both sides have been bled and are air free.  Is this typical with their conversion?  Stopping is like as though the drums were slathered with grease.  High, hard pedal and feels like stepping on a rock.  Takes extreme force to get any retardation of speed at all. 

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