<VV> For Sale- '65 Greenbrier project

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Dec 20 14:22:28 EST 2015

Some of you may know John Lucke, who posted on the list 
occasionally.  A while back, John bought the project '65 Greenbrier 
from my girlfriend.  This Greenbrier was something we rescued a while 
back from the guy who had it in north central Virginia, following its 
having been sitting there for far too long, outside, in less than 
outstanding conditions.

About the vehicle:

It's a chrome bumper 'Brier, padded door panels and some camping 
additions inside, much of which is rather dusty musty now and needs 
gutting, imho.  It has terrible paint (mostly what paint there is 
left) and rust in the usual places, not too terribly bad but *will* 
need attention.  Fixable.  It's certainly going to need a Clark's 
patch panel or two up front in the usual spots (lower door 
sills).  Likewise some attention to the back half, in the usual places.

It's a 110 Powerglide, engine and driveline are correct 1965 FC 
original.   It ran well the last time it was driven, from across town 
to where it is now out in the county (about 18 mile trip).

At one time in its life, this FC took an unintentional trip off-road 
and strolled through the boonies, was rolled over onto its side and 
the roof suffered some crumpling on the corners.  Repairs were made, 
repaint etc and on down the road it went.  That was at least a couple 
or more decades ago.  Since then, it has not weathered the elements 
that well and most paint and bondo is now leaving the vehicle.  It IS 
ugly, but not a zombie.

It will need to be trailered or dollied, since it is not driveable, 
no brakes, rear drums removed because the e-brake was stuck 
etc.  This means it will be a bit of a handful to move about, so be 
warned.  (Rusty-stuck e-brake Y cables in back)

Still a salvageable project.  I've seen people fix worse.

About vehicle's current status:

John bought this 'Brier in the spring, came by to prep it for the 
move (tires that hold air etc to roll it up onto a trailer).  Ran out 
of daylight so planned to come back, finish up, bring a trailer etc.

Then John had a stroke that week. Again, this was last spring.  The 
'Brier is still here, waiting for a reason to be.

He's unable to do what he wanted to do with it now, and unable to 
come get... slow process etc with him getting back to normal.   He 
wishes to resell the 'Brier.  It's my understanding he will take 600 
bucks for it, as-is, which is my understanding what he has in 
it.   The driveline is likely worth that much.  John has the Virginia 
title, in his name.

Photos are available upon request.  Evening phone here 
is:  540-427-5657  Ask for me or Linda.

This 1965 Greenbrier project is in Roanoke Virginia, Garden City 
area.   I'd like to see it go to someone who will do something with 
it.  And, I'd like to see John get his money back.

Thank you all for your attention.   And if you know John, send a bit 
of holiday get-well wishes his way.


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