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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 20:38:50 EST 2015

Trying to get a signal inside a metal building is difficult.  The steel 
effectively blocks the signal.  That is why it works better with the door 
open.  I was able to get a moderately decent signal in my old shop by 
tacking one of the simple wire antennas (T configuration) to the trusses 
near a skylight.  Where I am now, I was able to get one of the table top 
radios (uses power cord for antenna) to work fairly well by placing the 
radio on one side on a window sill.  I have now switched to a co-ax feed 
split off my TV antenna on the roof of the house.

You might try extending your antenna lead so you can put an antenna in a 
window.  If that isn't adequate, you need to get some sort of antenna 
outside the building.  It won't take a very fancy unit if it is outside. 
Last time I bought an antenna, it came from Radio Shack.  They probably 
still have them in stock, but don't expect much help from whoever is minding 
the store.

Jim Becker

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Question:  Does anyone have any suggestions for an antenna for my garage, 
where I do all my corvair work?  All I have on my stereo is a couple of 
pieces of wire.  When the ballast was hosed in one of my shoplights, it 
worked that way for the most part.  But now that I've had a chance to fix 
the ballast, I can't get any radio stations worth a flip.  It's weird.  Some 
days if the garage door is up, I get good reception.  Others, not so much. 
I have often theorized that If I had a "real" antenna, then I should be able 
to get some stations.  But where to look for one.  I tried radio shack and 
the clerk looked at me like I was on cheap drugs or something.  "Like, 
what's an antenna?"  It IS a metal garage.  Thoughts, opinions, and ideas 
welcome.  Thanx

Randy (Cap'n) Hook
Hopewell, PA

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