Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Feb 8 23:47:46 EST 2015

"We don't think many of them will be signing up for the drags."

Well, they certainly won't now! Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy..

In Studebaker participation in the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race, 
concours quality cars race.

But I do understand there are always compromises with schedules. We do 
not have two weeks to hold everything.

Frank DuVal

On 2/8/2015 9:40 AM, Allan V. Lacki via VirtualVairs wrote:
>   Hi John Howell,
> You wrote, "The 2015 Convention starts on Tuesday June 23, CORSA made a mistake in the otherwise nice report on the convention in Knoxville by saying that the convention started on the 24th (Wednesday). So does that mean the drag races start on Monday June 22nd ?"
> Answer:  The date for the NECC drag races remains Tuesday, June 23.   There is no mistake.  It is true that a number of CORSA Convention events are also scheduled for that same day, but almost all of them are for Concours and Stock Corvair people.  We don't think many of them will be signing up for the drags.  There are also some Convention events that will have wider appeal, such as Convention Registration, Newcomer Orientation, Welcome Party, Valve Cover Races, and Hospitality Room, but these will either occur or remain open after the drag races are over.
> If there is any change, I'll let you all know.
> Al Lacki for NECC.

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