<VV> EM wiring question

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Feb 11 23:37:36 EST 2015

Yes , Paul is correct. My 64 supposedly has this wire, as the prior 
owner told me it was there since it was a factory A/C Monza. It is due 
to current limitations on the generator. It cannot supply both high 
beams and high speed blower while charging the battery. Not a problem in 
the daytime, and high blower speed not usually needed at night.

Frank DuVal

On 2/11/2015 9:52 PM, Dusty Steinberg via VirtualVairs wrote:
> That wire is part of a air conditioning wire harness.  When the high beams are activated, going from memory, I believe that it activated a relay that kicked the air conditioner fan down from the high speed to the medium speed.  The reason that I remember this is because I had one in my 1962 air conditioned Monza, that I am restoring, and it is one of the "missing" wires, that made it into a box a parts, and now the whole box of parts has gone missing.  Possibly you have found my missing wire... LOL..
> Paul in CT
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>> I replaced the fuse box wiring harness in a 64 with an earlier harness. There's an extra wire, yellow, coming off the high beam switch plug that goes to the headlight switxh. This wire is not in a loom, it's about 4 feet long and has a single female plug at the end. It only has power when the head l ights are on. Any idea what it would be for?

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