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Sounds good, except the yellow wire is from the light switch in the dash to the high beam switch on the floor. Both high and low beam H/Ls go through the high beam switch. The high beam side of that switch has two wires, one for the lights and one for the indicator in the dash. Could it be that the high fan can't be used when the lights are on?

Since this car has no AC, I'll be considering this wire to be extra.

The wiring on this car was such a mess. At some point in its past, someone bought a box of those 3 way splices and took it as a challenge to use them all. Several wires had multiple splices within just a few inches, yet no wires coming off the splice. Fortunately, Terry Kalp provided both the fuse block and trunk harnesses. Returning wiring to stock in not always fun or easy.


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Yes , Paul is correct. My 64 supposedly has this wire, as the prior 
owner told me it was there since it was a factory A/C Monza. It is due 
to current limitations on the generator. It cannot supply both high 
beams and high speed blower while charging the battery. Not a problem in 
the daytime, and high blower speed not usually needed at night.

Frank DuVal

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> That wire is part of a air conditioning wire harness.  When the high beams are activated, going from memory, I believe that it activated a relay that kicked the air conditioner fan down from the high speed to the medium speed.  The reason that I remember this is because I had one in my 1962 air conditioned Monza, that I am restoring, and it is one of the "missing" wires, that made it into a box a parts, and now the whole box of parts has gone missing.  Possibly you have found my missing wire... LOL..
> Paul in CT
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>> I replaced the fuse box wiring harness in a 64 with an earlier harness. There's an extra wire, yellow, coming off the high beam switch plug that goes to the headlight switxh. This wire is not in a loom, it's about 4 feet long and has a single female plug at the end. It only has power when the head l ights are on. Any idea what it would be for?

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