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That's exactly what I said below. Not enough umph from the generator to
power both the A/C blower on high and high beam headlamps while charging
the battery.

I see everyone else has told you about the diode by now!  ggg

BTW, there is also a diode in the buzzer circuit to keep the oil pressure
switch from buzzing on Spyders. 

Frank DuVal

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Sounds good, except the yellow wire is from the light switch in the dash to
the high beam switch on the floor. Both high and low beam H/Ls go through
the high beam switch. The high beam side of that switch has two wires, one
for the lights and one for the indicator in the dash. Could it be that the
high fan can't be used when the lights are on?

Since this car has no AC, I'll be considering this wire to be extra.

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Yes , Paul is correct. My 64 supposedly has this wire, as the prior 
owner told me it was there since it was a factory A/C Monza. It is due 
to current limitations on the generator. It cannot supply both high 
beams and high speed blower while charging the battery. Not a problem in 
the daytime, and high blower speed not usually needed at night.

Frank DuVal

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