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Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at yahoo.com
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Ron,  Also see of you can drain the carbs. Not necessary, but there is stink in the fuel bowls. You can clear the fuel line from the tank by disconnecting fuel line at carbs and run the fuel pump.  Fuel will spurt out. Try to catch it. BE SURE the ignition system is inop...remove the coil wire first....no sparks in engine compartment. Use caution as this stuff will still burn. Use a big container.
Put a gallon or two in the tank and try to start it. Check carb filters for crud.
 Lucky person, being in the warm part of the country. I got about 2 feet of snow in the yard and more coming. Finally finished my PG leak, "o" rings, seals, new cable etc. Haven't moved the car since I came back from the track in NJ in Sept. Now I can't get it out of the garage.
 Let us know the results. Did you try Virtual Vairs? Smarter people there.

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My 63 Monza 102 auto sat for 2 years will only start and run on starting fluid, I know gas is old, any other idea's what to due? Also looks like there will be trouble getting gas line off, fuel pump is pumping. |


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