<VV> Brake System Difficulties

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Almost every dual master cylinder on any make of vehicle I have replaced
has failed in this exact way.

Extremely common failure.

And it doesn't get better. It may take a long time to get worse, but it
will. I would not wait until you have to constantly step on the brake pedal
to get brakes before replacing! i.e. do as I say, not as I did when I was
young and cheap!

Frank DuVal

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Phil, I think your suspicions are correct. You can get a rebuild kit or
Mark Durham
Hauser Idaho
62 Coupe
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> Hello, all,     My '63 Greenbrier has a dual master cylinder that the PO
> says he got from "The Source".  It has always worked perfectly.  Recently
> that has changed.     If I depress the pedal only once and hold it without
> allowing it to move at all (exactly constant pressure), it will hold
> pressure for several minutes.  It will hold either light pressure or very
> hard (panic stop) pressure.  There are no external leaks in the system. A
> "hard, harder, hardest" test is easily passed.  This is the way things
> should be.     If I depress the pedal till it stops and then release a
> little of the pressure, allowing the pedal to move upward perhaps 1/16
> inch, then I can press the pedal significantly farther than on the
> push.  If I repeat this process 5 or 6 times, the pedal finally reaches
> floor.  

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