<VV> Rough Running 140

edselcorvair at netzero.net edselcorvair at netzero.net
Tue Feb 17 12:24:25 EST 2015

A while back I posted a message about my 66 Corsa Convertible 140 running very rough and thank the people who responded with suggestions.  I finally had the time to start taking it apart to see what the problem was.  It appears that the #6 exhaust valve seat is gone, the valve is recessed into the head by about 1/8".  There is a large amount of metal laying in the bottom of the head and stuck to the piston (seat melted? or busted up into little pieces that sintered together?).  Any way, does anyone have a running 140 they might be interested in selling within a 250 mile radius of Knoxville TN? It can be a long block.  Please let me know at edselcorvair at netzero.com Robert HenrichMorristown TN66 Corsa Convertible 140 4 Speed58 Edsel Corsair 
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