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Spencer Shepard sshepard3 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 6 12:39:11 EST 2015

Exactly where is the hidden VIN (or whatever) on a '67? I'm trying to get a title on a car and have encountered a DMV Inspector who is really trying to help me and is very sharp and taught me that the car should have "rosette" type rivets on the VIN plate rather than the round ones that are on this car. I verified that by showing him another '67 (and a '66) that do have the proper rivets. It is very hard to tell the difference.
Now I have to find the hidden # that he has been told is 3 digits ( I thought it was actually a VIN). He contacted someone who told him it was on the right shock tower which I think is consistent with what I have heard, I've never seen the # or looked for one. He was told it should be visible by turning the wheel but I think I've been told that you need to drop the tank.
Spence Shepard

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