<VV> Corvair and Mustang

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Wed Jan 7 05:01:11 EST 2015

I bought my first Corvair while my new Mustang was still "on order"!

Back in '68 I had special-ordered a new Mustang, like all silly guys do.

While I waited for the 302/345 HP small block to be delivered, I drove my
buddy's '65 Corsa 140, that he told me was a Camaro (he always upsold
everything he said).

Anyway, I drove the Corvair and that was all I needed to want one, and
totally regret having a $1000 deposit down on that stupid Mustang (total
price was $5800 with that really cool engine!)

The Ford dealer couldn't provide the special order 302/345 (No, it was NOT a
"Boss 302"), because it was limited to 500 being built.

So, I learned "breach of contract" that day when I realized that, if he
can't give me what I ordered, the deal was off!

He tried to upsell me to a 427 or a 428, which was way to off balance to
have such a big block in a rear wheel drive car (although he tried to sell
me on how cool the tire smoke would be!)

After a long haggle, he eventually gave me my deposit back and I bought a
'65 Corsa with my DEPOSIT, and NO PAYMENTS!

And I loved the Corvair, because nothing could compare to how it handled!!!!

I've been Corvair-less for the last few years while I slowly found the funds
to fix up a '67 Monza, but I needed something to drive, soooo...

Recently, over the past few years, I've rented between 300 and 400 new cars,
and not a single one made me want to buy it (I was a "frequent flyer" at
Enterprise with their $9.99 weekend rates!)

I even had a few dozen Camaros, Mustangs, Mitsubishi Spyders, and
Challengers, but nothing did it for me.

Here's my pictorial "rental" log:

Then I saw a '65 Monza 4-speed on eBay and it was close by, so I looked and
it started up, and the top went down, and that was all I needed to get back
behind the wheel of a Corvair again.

I only get 15 MPG, not the 25,30, or even 45 I was getting on the rentals,
but WHO CARES?!?!?!

So, I made it full circle and I'm happy (at least when I'm behind the wheel
of my favorite car!)


PS: (Short Corvair bio)

I've been a member of Corsa since 1969, and even helped Tony Fiore manually
produce the Corsa Quarterly from his kitchen table, with his wife Rose
keeping us well fed!

I was also on the Corsa board back in 1978.

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In high school, I had a '68 Monza and a friend had a '66 Mustang. He 
loved that Mustang.   He was very fond of the V8 power and the sporty looks.

Then he drove my Corvair and discovered handling.  He bought his first
Corvair not long thereafter.

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