<VV> Claypool looking for parts

Guy Brandes vair140 at aol.com
Fri Jan 16 08:51:00 EST 2015

Hey guy.
I’m by choice not on vv, but perhaps you could post this on my behalf:
Pieces for convention hard luck plaque wanted
                For many years now, I have been providing a plaque known as the hard luck award to the corvair driver who suffered the most mechanical trouble, yet persisted and still made it to the convention. This is supplemented by a $100 gift certificate generously provided by clarks.
On the plaque I have always attached some obviously broken corvair part, thus immediately identifying the purpose of the ‘award’. Since I ceased doing general repair work last year, my supply of ‘broken bits’ had dried up. Anybody got some parts they’d like to donate? Something the size of a piston is as large as practical to attach to the plaque, so if you were thinking about that busted crankshaft you have on the back shelf, well, thanks, but no thanks on that one.
Anyway, your help is appreciated, just don’t be a future winner of the award…
larry claypool  
21403 80th ave 
Frankfort , il 60423
larry at vairshop.com 




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