<VV> Ornamentation Misfits

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Jan 16 16:13:53 EST 2015

Smitty Says;  In 57 I was working for Phillips 66 in Bartlesville OK at the 
fleet garage.  We handled and maintained every vehicle purchased by the 
company, doing all dealer prep before the cars and trucks went out to the 
plants.  Pure horror stories on some of the cars.  Two I remember well were 
were a rear view mirror on a Plymouth installed with body putty because the 
sheet metal screws had been stripped out.  The foreman said just move it 
over a half inch and drill two more holes.  When I pulled the putty off 
there were three pairs of stripped out holes there.  And a Ford with three 
un-ground lobes on the camshaft.   Lots of door trim panels with missing 
clips.  And it was almost weekly to find a bolt hanging on a string inside a 

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