<VV> Dont knock those chrysler products

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American Motors and Renault both had push button transmissions too.

Based on my experience, Wiki was too kind to the Aspen/Volare.  After doing 
much research, the woman that later became my wife followed Consumer Reports 
recommendation and bought a '76 Volare.  It was a constant series of 
problems.  When you took it to the dealer for one of the myriad problems, 
they would "fix" other campaign issues and not even mention that they were 
(for example) dinking with the hood latch when you took it in because it 
liked to stall 25 feet after you pulled out from a stop sign.  I developed 
the habit of opening the hood and looking for new paint dots whenever I went 
to pick it up.  This car was second only to a Porsche 911T as the most 
despised car that I have ever had to deal with.  Ironically, my wife was 
buying this thing about the same time I was dumping the Porsche.

Jim Becker

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After 65 - no more pushbuttons for Chrysler. Aspen/Volares were way after
that. Edsel had the pushbuttons in the steering wheel.

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