<VV> Corvairs and the Cuban missile crisis

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Sun Jan 18 21:30:34 EST 2015

<Corvairs were not around yet when the Cuban missile crises occurred.>

The Cuban missile crisis was in October 1962.  Corvairs were introduced on October 2, 1959.  The U.S. embargo against Cuba began on October 19, 1960.  As far as gauging the dates of these occurrences based upon recollection of when Cubans came to the U.S., Cubans have been coming to the U.S. since long before Fidel Castro overthrew Batista.  Remember Desi Arnaz?

BTW, despite the crowd-sourcing nature of Wikipedia it is actually quite factual and reliable and can be quickly and easily used as a research tool--probably using the very device upon which you are reading this!  <GG>

~Bill Stanley

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