<VV> Assy Line Oddities

BBRT chsadek at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 17:19:29 EST 2015

Years ago, within Group Corvair in MD, suburb of Wash. DC, there was a tan 
four door Corvair  sedan. I remember seeing several times, including at the 
Group Corvair show at a Chevy dealer at the intersection of Rt 301 and Rt 
50. This car was a bare 500 model. It had a serial number and trim plate 
that was correct for a different year; early vs. late. I cannot remember 
whether it was a 65 with a 64 numbering plate etc or vice versa, like  a 64 
with a 65 set of plates in the engine compartment. The woman who owned it 
bought it new.  Jim Simpson, Dave Edsinger or others around then may 
remember the car.

I cannot remember if the plate info matched the car, but I believe it did.

They ran out or used up the supply of ID plates.

Chuck S 

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