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Yeah, I've heard that argument before, makes no more sense now than it did 

It isn't going to ruin anyone's plans if the Corvanatics meeting is at 9 PM 
in Salon B rather than 8 PM in Salon A.  But some people might want to know 
if the boat ride is Tuesday afternoon rather than Thursday night.

I've seen schedules changed after the program was published.  That happens. 
That is one of the main reasons for the pocket schedule.  I also remember 
one year that the pocket schedule wasn't right -- and they were just handing 
them out without comment.  That was inexcusable.

Jim Becker

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Hi Jim,

I think that basically they don't want to publish the schedule until the 
*entire* schedule - meetings, events such as the tours, times for things 
like registration, etc. are all nailed down.  Things are likely still being 
tweaked, or at least they were before the cutoff for the Jan/Feb issue. 
I've seen changes made to the schedule after the convention program was 


> On Jan 21, 2015, at 7:22 PM, Jim Becker via VirtualVairs 
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> The COMMUNIQUE article talks about train and boat tours.  Knowing the date 
> of those activities MIGHT have some bearing on somebody's convention 
> plans. Again, I couldn't find the dates for either of the tours in the 
> article, but I have a hard time believing that those dates aren't set.  I 
> just can't see why they have to be kept secret.
> Jim Becker

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