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Fri Jan 23 07:53:19 EST 2015

Take the air filter and crossover off so you can see down the carbs. 
With the choke held open, work the throttle linkage and check to see if
the accelerator pump is spraying into the carb.  If not, tear down the
carb(s) and replace the pump cup.  If the accelerator pumps are working
in both carbs and you still have driveability problems, place the palm of
your hand over the top of one carburetor for a couple of seconds while
racing the engine.  This creates a high vacuum in the carb and, if a jet
is clogged, may draw the blockage through and clear it.  Repeat on the
other carb.  As someone else suggested, check the rubber hose connections
at the base of the carb for the vacuum crossover.  A leak there will
cause problems after the choke opens.

If the above doesn't clear up the issue, check the temperature of the
exhaust pipe where it exits the shrouds.  If one side is cooler than the
other, the problem is caused by cylinders not firing on that side. 
Another way is to pull a spark plug wire out of the cap.  If the engine
speed drops, then that cylinder was firing and producing power.  If the
speed doesn't drop, that cylinder was dead.

John Ryall

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