<VV> Fuel/ drivability

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Jan 23 17:41:13 EST 2015

I checked the carbs and noticed gas dripping from below the venturi cluster 
on both carbs. ?I don't know if this is normal or not, but I took the air 
horn off one side and checked the float and the float seat and valve. 
?Everything looks fine, the needle slides easily in the seat. ?I also 
checked the float level when the air horn is right side up and the floats 
are hanging down. ?It was within specs (1.5 inches from the carb gasket).
The way the poor car runs now, she's not even safe, because she stalls 
whenever I take my foot off the gas. ?If I step hard on the accelerator, she 
goes. ?It seems to be at idle and just off idle that she's running badly.
Timing is OK, I've tried adjusting the idle mixture screws but nothing has 
helped so far.
If the problem is the floats, I'm not sure whether "raising the float" means 
less drop when the air horn is rightside up? ?The floats themselves look 
good. ?These are good quality rebuilt carbs that I got in 2012.
Can anyone help? ?
Thanks everyone and best regards...Bill Hershkowitz
Smitty says;  Bill first off you should never see any liquid down the throat 
of a running Corvair engine carb.  Best bet is always leaking float inlet 
valves.  Less likely causes are needle seat backing out or sunk floats. 
Nobody ever gets inside your carbs and bends the float arms while the carb 
is closed up  If a problem did not exist before  don't suddenly start 
looking at float adjustment.  Knowing you do have a fluid level problem 
(dripping fuel) does not mean you don't also have crud in the carb bowls. 
Just two days ago mine started running badly off and on and I found some of 
those alcohol jelly balls in the bowls.  Simple clean out and blow out took 
care of that.

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