<VV> Fuel/Driveability

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 20:58:42 EST 2015

Update:  Well, tonight I decided to start with Bob Helt's advice regarding fuel pressure testing.  I'm sure the pressure provided by the stock pump is well under 7 psi, but the electric pump I have on the car was pushing over 10 psi (gauge goes up to 10 psi, it was pegged) !
That being said, my  next step will be to disconnect the electric pump and put a good ol' stock fuel pump back on the car (I have two, one that leaked around the top cover, another that's brand new).   I really like the electric pump and haven't had a vapor lock problem since I installed it.  Also, I haven't had any leaks or failures in the engine compartment with the electric pump.
Based on my examination of the carbs, I don't think they are suspect; I'm sure the stock pump will help the gas dripping in the carb throat problem.
I also got a new can of carb cleaner that has a plastic straw.  You don't know how important the little piece of plastic is until you need it!  I'll do a cleaning out of the carbs as well.  By the way, the PCV orifice was clogged as well.  I cleaned that out and put it back on the engine.
Thanks for all your help, guys.  Will keep in touch, G-d willing.
Best regards...Bill Hershkowitz    66 Monza Sport Sedan 110-PG-AC

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