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Sun Jan 25 03:32:28 EST 2015

Tonight I was cleaning out some of the electronic detritus that  seem to 
accumulate in my office. As I dropped the stuff onto a bookshelf in a  back 
room, I noticed I had kept two hardcover books from my early automotive  
mechanics classes.  They are sort-of  textbooks. Both are written by William H. 
Crouse, an ex-GM tech writer, and are  part of the McGraw-Hill Automotive 
Mechanics series. One book is “Automotive  Engines” the other is “Automotive 
Transmissions and Power Trains”. Each book is  about 600 pages long, with 
many illustrations. Lots of drawings/photos/diagrams  many from the big three 
auto companies. These would be a great start for someone  who wanted to know 
the basics of automotive mechanics. Since they are set-up as  textbooks, 
there are progress questions at the end of chapters. There is some  coverage of 
the Corvair motor and the transaxle – Not much, but these were  published 
in the late 60s. Both books have general guidelines on repair and shop  
practice. The books lend themselves to reference books. I would be happy to send  
you one of these books for your use. They will go in a US Postal Priority 
Mail  envelope at the cost of $5.  If you  want one, Let me know, then drop 
me a $5 bill and the book will come right back  to you.   
The third book I found was a little different. It is titled “Hot  Rods, How 
to Build and Race them”. Another hard cover book, it was written and  
published by John Christy in 1960. John was writer for Hot Rod Magazine and  
other Petersen Publications in the 50s and 60s. It is an interesting book, and  
even has a few pages at the end, and a couple of photos, on the Corvair 
engine.  The book is a “period piece” of the  early 60s and how the Overhead 
Valve V8s were replacing the Flatheads of those  hotrodders of the times, with 
a nod at the end toward the compacts that were  coming out of 
GM/Ford/Chrysler at the time. I would like $10 + the shipping for  this one. All three 
books are in good condition 
Seth  Emerson

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