James Weppelman jweppel at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 5 09:16:26 EDT 2015

Charles, and yinz guys,
I think buffalo would be great I would defiantly go.Maybe it would help if you hooked up with a local chapter,like east Syracuse.Good bunch of guys up there.Or talk to them and make it a part of there recall weekend. As mentioned before it could be something that you could move around the nation and  work with all different clubs and have it at there mini conventions(i;e; Detroit homecoming, maggie valley, fan belt toss etc).
I would be interested in purchasing one of those a/c decals. You looked over my 63 monza a/c car at the convention, and I need one and thank you.
Jim Weppelman :}
61 lakewood
63 sypder rag project
63 monza cpe fac a/c

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