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Back in my day, drive-in theatres charged by the number of occupants, giving rise to the practice of loading the trunk with people (sight unseen). I see that the drive-in movie operators wised up to that trick by simply charging by the car load, rather than by the number of (visible) passengers. That change in practice also allows the trunk to be freed up for its other important purpose, namely to hold the beer cooler.

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And stack up we did! You should have seen the ticket person when we drove up. She counted us all before letting us through the gate. Let's see, 2 in the driver's seat, 2 in the other bucket seat, one in their laps, that's 5 with the buckets up as far as possible, 4 wedged across the back seat, and two on their laps, with arms and legs everywhere. We had great fun with that car. Mark Durham, Hauser Idaho

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