<VV> Trailering a LM

Paul Michalczyk paulm at tdl.com
Sat Jul 18 01:08:20 EDT 2015

I need to trail my late-model convertible from the Bay Area to Reno for 
Hot August Nights to join the other 10,000 or so pre-1975 vehicles on 
parade and display. I've made arrangements for a U-Haul auto transporter 
which U-Haul says is not appropriate for Corvairs! My guess is that due 
to the rear weight bias, there may be insufficient weight on the trailer 
tongue. It seems to me that with the vast body of experience in VV Land 
there has to be some good suggestions on the best way to transport my 
car. I'm concerned about putting it backwards on the trailer as that 
could damage the rear window and top. I've thought about putting a 
couple of hundred pounds of ballast (sandbags?) in the trunk. 
Suggestions are appreciated, especially if you have used a U-Haul 
transporter for your LM convertible. Many thanks.
65 Corsa convertible L100268, owned since new

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