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They are probably  not declining because of the weight  distribution but 
because the Corvair isn't in their data base.  I have had  this problem with 
my 1968 Camaro which, as you know, has a front  engine.
Yes, tailoring backwards would be the solution for a hard top  but that 
doesn't solve your problem.  However, a clerk who only knows "what  is on the 
computer" may not permit even backward tailoring.  Even with ballast in the 
trunk they may not permit it.  Here  are a couple of suggestions.
If their problem is with the weight distribution, tell them  the Corvair is 
a small vehicle and will sit forward enough so that even  with a rear drive 
train, it will keep sufficient weight on the tongue.   This is probably 
true but depends on the trailer geometry.  You should  always check the trailer 
tongue weight with any car.  I think the U-Haul  trailer requires the towed 
vehicle to be far  forward but other trailers usually permit you to 
position the car almost  anywhere.  Get a couple of guys to try to lift the tongue 
off the ball once  everything is loaded.  Loosen the clamp on the ball just 
enough that it  will lift a little but not let the trailer flip back.  It 
will be  embarrassing to tell your dentist why you have missing teeth.  Keep 
in mind  that "just a little" weight on the tongue is not enough because the 
trailer will  want to flip back when you accelerate.  Even so, make sure the 
car is  strapped to the trailer so it doesn't go rolling away if the 
trailer does go  tongue up.  The safety chains should also be attached to the tow 
vehicle  before the towed vehicle is loaded.  Tell them that you are willing 
to  drive the Corvair to the lot, put it on the trailer and show them.  
Again,  you may have a problem with a retentive clerk.
If all else fails, lie.  Find another U-Haul dealer so  they don't assume 
you are lying and come prepared to tell them you are towing a  smaller modern 
vehicle that is in their data base and acceptable for even their  most 
retentive clerk.  Of course, lying on the rental agreement may  invalidate 
insurance if there is an accident especially if you accept U-Haul's  coverage.  
By the way, check with your own insurance carrier and/or your  credit card 
company.  Almost always one or both of these will include  coverage for the 
trailer and towed vehicle for free.  Verify if it is just  accident insurance 
or includes theft of the trailer and car.  Credit cards  usually cover 
rental vehicles as well.  Check first.  "Usually"  doesn't mean always.
Good luck with the tow.
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I need to trail my late-model convertible from the Bay  Area to Reno for 
Hot August Nights to join the other 10,000 or so pre-1975  vehicles on parade 
and display. I've made arrangements for a U-Haul auto  transporter which 
U-Haul says is not appropriate for Corvairs! My guess is  that due to the rear 
weight bias, there may be insufficient weight on the  trailer tongue. It 
seems to me that with the vast body of experience in VV  Land there has to be 
some good suggestions on the best way to transport my  car. I'm concerned 
about putting it backwards on the trailer as that could  damage the rear window 
and top. I've thought about putting a couple of hundred  pounds of ballast 
(sandbags?) in the trunk. Suggestions are appreciated,  especially if you 
have used a U-Haul transporter for your LM convertible. Many  thanks.
65 Corsa convertible L100268, owned since  new

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