<VV> Video of Noisy 110 Engine 1965 Monza

chaz at properproper.com chaz at properproper.com
Mon Jul 20 18:19:34 EDT 2015

Here are some video diagnostics of the noise:
Noisy when running, no (unusual) noise when cranking.

Rapping noise with engine running :
Composite Video of Corvair diagnosis of Noisy 110 Engine Running and

0:00-1:58 - Engine running Valve Train (with seal falling down)
1:58-2:12 - Cranking with plugs out with no audible noise
2:12-2:33 - Running with audible noise
2:33-2:44 - Cranking with plugs in with no audible noise

Watching the valve train for deviant rocker arm lift:
Right Side Valve Train Lift 1 3 5 

Left Side Valve Train Lift 2 4 6 

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