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Sun Jul 26 09:21:39 EDT 2015

The biggest problem I've had with heater blowers is either with the switch or a bad blower motor.  The switch contacts get corroded from lack of use. Sometimes operating the switch back and forth several times will clean the contacts. I've used to use WD40 sprayed into the switch and operating it. Contact cleaner is better as WD leaves a film.  The blower motor is the next big failure item.  I remove the blower motor and bench check them to see if they turn. Many times I find them bound up and won't turn. Its best to then get a new one as freeing up one will always come back to haunt you. They are a little harder to get  to, so be safe while being under the car. Your local parts store will usually have one in stock. I get mine from CARQUEST for around $30.

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