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Daniel Monasterio González dmonasterio at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 31 18:41:37 EDT 2015

   By reading this topic, I think (with some ingenuity)Š Why favouring
higher draft on right carburetor instead of taking vacuum from both
carburetors by adding a tee and some more rubber vacuum line to actuate
vacuum advance ?
This way both carbs (and banks) could be equaly balanced at all speeds. Is
this too easy to be good ?

Daniel Monasterio

On 31/07/15 16:18, "Smitty via VirtualVairs" <virtualvairs at corvair.org>

>From: Kenneth Schifftner <scrubbr at ix.netcom.com>
>Why the engine is revved further is not to maintain balance it is to make
>certain that the right carburetor is favored (higher draft than the left)
>that helps actuate the vacuum advance, etc..  GM only allowed for one
>complete turn of the link on the left carb so it is easy to be one turn
>I made an adjuster for the left carb and wrote an article about it in the
>NJACE newsletter.  With that homemade adjuster, the right carb can be
>favored more accurately.  It seems like at higher revs the balance tube
>greater effect.  Really, drivability is what matters.
>Smitty Says;  I have no axe to grind except to correct misconceptions.  I
>still see that there are staunch advocates of adjusting carb match at
>elevated speeds.  One hard fast fact that I wish everyone should consider
>that the throttle plate is closed at idle and the engine is getting its
>from the "fuel/air" slot inside the throttle bore where a tiny Ventura is
>formed at the little cut out in the edge of the plate.  Also in the bore
>there is another slot which is horizontal which is connected to the
>tube on the outside of the carb.  This is either plugged or goes to the
>Advance.  The edge of the plate is below the slot at idle.  At
>700 rpm the edge of the plate moves above the slot exposing it to the
>under the plate.  That is when the vac adv is activated.  All positioning
>the vac adv from that point on is controlled by the engine demand and
>throttle position.  I don't think adjusting the left carb link one turn
>or less would make a visible difference on a tachometer or vacuum gage at
>2000 rpm.  It might be visible at idle.  YMMV
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