<VV> Carb Balance < 2000rpm

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Fri Jul 31 22:38:34 EDT 2015

So you are saying the left bank should get more fuel and air than the fight
bank, there for making more HP? I've never heard that one before.  I'm sure
the engineers who specified the spring in the vacuum advance did so with
both carbs opening up together in perfect unison.


From: Kenneth Schifftner <scrubbr at ix.netcom.com>

Why the engine is revved further is not to maintain balance it is to make
certain that the right carburetor is favored (higher draft than the left)
that helps actuate the vacuum advance, etc..  GM only allowed for one
complete turn of the link on the left carb so it is easy to be one turn off.

I made an adjuster for the left carb and wrote an article about it in the
NJACE newsletter.  With that homemade adjuster, the right carb can be
favored more accurately.  It seems like at higher revs the balance tube has
greater effect.  Really, drivability is what matters.

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