<VV> prepping for K-ville

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Sorry to go off topic, but K-ville is a section of ATT park where the Giants
play.  My brother and sister-in-law have the first two seats behind the K's
in K-ville for ten games a season.


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Not much to do to my '60 sedan since I'm trailering. This will not only be
the first convention I've taken a Corvair to and it has been 24 years since
this car has been to a convention. It was the Cole award winner at the 1991
convention in Washington DC. I had not seen the car since then until I
purchased it 4 years ago.
 As a side note and a blatant shameless advertisement my wife will be set up
in the indoor vendor room selling her 100% handmade scarves. She has dozens
of colors and will take orders for special colors. So guys tell your wife,
girlfriend or significant other to stop by and see her. Ed Dade City,Fl

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