<VV> 140 "miss" update/Warning

Ralphsebrell ralphsebrell at aol.com
Fri Jun 12 13:23:06 EDT 2015

First I want to thank all who responded to my plea for help. I was about half way through the list of suggestions, when PSST. WHAT? played around some  and PSST again, then PSSSSSSSSSSS. Hmmm vacuum, huh?
So I started gently tugging vac hoses, and behold they ALL were easy to pull/knock off. FLAPS here I come. 
The New hose was easy also, Hmmm So back to FLAPS and brought the old hose with me, 1st guy measured the end of the old hose (WRONG) the next guy cut my old hose in 2 and showed me the diff. and then got me the proper size hose.
The new hose was difficult to put on and difficult to take off..EURICA!!!

 The ole 140 runs like a top, so I'm cautiously optimistic :-)
So, those OLD hoses had been through so many heat/cool cycles that they just became misshapen.
So much difficulty form a simple thing

Again thanks to all

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