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Hi Bryan.  I went on Google maps and got directions almost to the front door. I enjoyed the chats we had at The Vair Fair.
Haven't had time to clean up the slot wheels yet.  I may have forgot what tire size that you gave me. Was it 185/75/14. Priced some tires and got some good prices.  The ladies pink t-shirts should come in today.  We will arrive at Knoxville on Sunday.  See you there.
Jerry Brown

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>If you go to the convention info page at http://www.corvair.org/2015convention/, there is a link to "Convention Info Update (5/26/15) -- Car Haulers, RVs, Campers, and Trailers, Directions, Entertainment, etc." that should have everything you're looking for.
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>> One thing that has me concerned is that there were no directions for anyone coming from the south or (especially) the north on I-75, just from the east or west on I-40. Since I-75 comes into the center of town, how do you get there from I-75? Which way on I-40, if at all, do you go, and how?
>> Please post the directions, so that I (and many others) don't end up wandering around the center of Knoxville. Thanks much!
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