<VV> Subject: Re: ? Rocker Failure - Third time?

djtcz at comcast.net djtcz at comcast.net
Tue Jun 16 13:04:33 EDT 2015

Sorry to hear of your troubles. 

Do I understand correctly all the failures have been at the pushrod cup end of the rocker? 
And similar oil flow is visible at all the rockers? 

The (few) problems I ever had long ago was with the rocker and ball pivots. 
Similar stories prevail about Chevies with extreme camshafts. 

1 - I'd remover all the surviving rockers and pushrods and inspect the push rod ball tip and rocker arm cup for even looking wear and full contact. 
2 - If wear extends to The edge of the pushrod ball there should be no sharp edge there. I'd polish the pushrod ends and blend transition between the oil hole and the spherical surface. I think I'd hook an air hose to the other end of the pushrod while doing this to attempt to blow polishing swarf out of the pushrod rather than count on cleaning it out afterwards. 

I'd spray the rocker, rocker ball, and pushrod ends with Molykote G Rapid, and later assemble the rockers with fancy break in lube. 


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