<VV> a couple of questions

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Sat Jun 20 07:06:50 EDT 2015

Thanks for the info from everyone that replied.

I'll have to look at cannibalizing one of the spare engines we have in 
the family stash though most of the 65-69 engines we saved are something 
special that I'd rather not break up (mostly 140s and a pristine 180). 
Maybe the one in there isn't too damaged as well...TBD.

I consider the 110 a mule till I can get something built that would be 
more fun, but with my work situation, that will be a while. Little spare 
time for fun stuff these days.


Mark N

On 6/20/15 2:47 AM, Eric Lucas via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Mark,
> I went to the GM Parts Wiki http://www.gmpartswiki.com/ and using the search I was able to find this. http://www.gmpartswiki.com/gmpart?gmpartno=3838078 and it makes reference to the Clark's page http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/search.cgi?search=3838078 also show picture of replacement number 3838077. http://www.gmpartswiki.com/getpage?pageid=5602
> Eric in Indiana
>> 1. I've apparently got a stuck or broken ring on my number 6 cylinder
>> (horrendous blow by and all spark  plugs but #6 look great whereas #6 is
>> oily and cleaning it, it immediately gets oily again).
>> In the family stash, we have two NOS GM cylinder/piston kits--one is
>> marked 1960 (so that one's out) and the other has the original GM part
>> number 3838078.
>> Can anyone decipher what engine that kit is for?

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