<VV> wiring question: inquiring minds want to know

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Sat Jun 20 21:14:07 EDT 2015

I have a friend with a '64 Monza coupe with a 95/pg.  He had been driving it daily as his other ride was in an accident.  He said it seemed as if the more he drove it, 
the better it seemed to run.  When he went out to his garage this morning, he said it smelled like his neighbor had burned breakfast and he couldn't figure out 
what they were burning it smelled so bad.  Then he noticed the "gen" light in the car was on, but the key was OFF.  He was amazed, then started it.  The 
"gen" light went out.  Quite a puzzle.  He then figured the fan belt might have come off.  He shuts it off and the "gen" light comes back on.  He then hurries 
back and pops the hood.  His mind was  blown at what he saw.  One of the wires from the gen to the voltage regulator had gotten so hot that it melted and the 
surrounding wiring harness as well.   He immediately removed the + bat cable.  It was a little melted too.  Now, the wiring question is this: what happened and 
WHY,  since the car ran and drove fine yesterday?????  The only clue provided is that he had asked me earlier if he put an alternator on it, would the headlights 
and dash lights be any brighter?  
Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx 
Randy (Cap'n) Hook 
'60 700 4dr. '64' 110/4spd 
'63 '500' ragtop 110/pg 
'65 Monza 4dr 84 (soon-to-be '64' 110) /pg 

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