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I have to agree.

Chuck Sadek
CORSA member since around '75
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> I've never been more embarrassed by this club that by what just happened 
> today.  The '63 White Monza Lambrecht car was classified into the Modified 
> class for Concours - technically correct due to the incorrect size of his 
> whitewall radial tires, but grossly incorrect for what is probably the 
> last most perfect factory original car we will ever see again.  Mark 
> Corbin and I made a personal appeal to the Concours chair to - just this 
> one time - override the rule book and give this car the recognition it 
> deserves, but he stood on the letter of the law and refused to reconsider.
> Well, he does have the original Firestone 6.50-13 tire in the spare 
> location, complete with the two felt pads protecting the metal underneath, 
> the molding plugs unmolested.  All the rubber moldings, bumpers, etc are 
> in pristine, soft condition, the metal trim shiny bright, even has the 
> drips and droops of glue and goop where the factory left them.
> You will never see a car in more original and new condition as this one. 
> To call it modified because he didn't drive it here on 52 year old bias 
> belt tires is insane.
> CORSA is insane.
> Bill
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