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Agreed.  That car sets the standard  for factory original. 


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> On Jun 23, 2015, at 5:30 PM, Bill Hubbell via Chapters <chapters at corvair.org> wrote:
> I've never been more embarrassed by this club that by what just happened today.  The '63 White Monza Lambrecht car was classified into the Modified class for Concours - technically correct due to the incorrect size of his whitewall radial tires, but grossly incorrect for what is probably the last most perfect factory original car we will ever see again.  Mark Corbin and I made a personal appeal to the Concours chair to - just this one time - override the rule book and give this car the recognition it deserves, but he stood on the letter of the law and refused to reconsider. 
> Well, he does have the original Firestone 6.50-13 tire in the spare location, complete with the two felt pads protecting the metal underneath, the molding plugs unmolested.  All the rubber moldings, bumpers, etc are in pristine, soft condition, the metal trim shiny bright, even has the drips and droops of glue and goop where the factory left them.  
> You will never see a car in more original and new condition as this one.  To call it modified because he didn't drive it here on 52 year old bias belt tires is insane.  
> CORSA is insane. 
> Bill
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